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Annals of Parasitology

eISSN 2300-6706
ISSN 2299-0631
(formerly Wiadomości Parazytologiczne)

edited by the Polish Parasitological Society

2011 vol. 57

(1): 1-68

(2): 69-136

(3): 137-204

(4): 205-294

2011-57-4_205.pdf Parasitic diseases and fungal infections – their increasing importance in medicine
Joanna Błaszkowska, Anna Wójcik
Review article: pp 205-218
225 KB | Download
2011-57-4_219.pdf Internet in medical activity
Edward Kącki, Joanna Stempczyńska
Review article: pp 219-222
79 KB | Download
2011-57-4_223.pdf The risk of arthropod vector configuration in Europe
Elżbieta Lonc, Dorota Kiewra, Katarzyna Rydzanicz, Nina Król
Review article: pp 223-232
166 KB | Download
2011-57-4_233.pdf Multiple strategies of digenean trematodes to complete their life cycles
Katarzyna Niewiadomska, Teresa Pojmańska
Review article: pp 233-241
161 KB | Download
2011-57-4_243.pdf Fifty Clinical Days of Medical Parasitology
Anna Wójcik, Joanna Błaszkowska
Review article: pp 243-248
1.01 MB | Download
2011-57-4_249.pdf Preliminary coproscopic examination of tortoises in the City Zoological Garden in Wroclaw, Poland
Katarzyna Buńkowska, Anna Okulewicz, Agnieszka Perec-Matysiak, Joanna Hildebrand
Original paper: pp 249-251
85 KB | Download
2011-57-4_253.pdf Morphometric characteristics of Dirofilaria repens Railliet et Henry, 1911 parasite of dogs in Poland
Aleksander W. Demiaszkiewicz, Grażyna Polańczyk, Barbara Osińska, Anna M. Pyziel, Izabela Kuligowska, Jacek Lachowicz
Original paper: pp 253-256
413 KB | Download
2011-57-4_257.pdf Recent data on Demodex rosus Bukva, Vitovec et Vlcek, 1985 (Acari, Demodecidae) from oral cavity of yellow-necked field mouse, Apodemus flavicollis>/i> (Rodentia, Muridae)
Joanna N. Izdebska, Sławomira Fryderyk
Original paper: pp 257-260
433 KB | Download
2011-57-4_261.pdf New data on distribution of Demodex huttereri Mertens, Lukoschus et Nutting, 1983 and topical specificity and topography of demodectic mites in striped field mouse Apodemus agrarius
Joanna N. Izdebska, Leszek Rolbiecki, Sławomira Fryderyk
Original paper: pp 261-264
242 KB | Download
2011-57-4_265.pdf Trichodina johniusi sp. n. (Ciliophora: Trichodinidae) from Johnius coitor (Hamilton, 1822) in the Shitalakshya River, Bangladesh
Mohammad M. Kibria, Hadiul Islam, Ghazi S.M. Asmat
Original paper: pp 265-270
834 KB | Download
2011-57-4_271.pdf Digenean trematodes from six species of birds (Passeriformes, Piciformes and Strigiformes) from north-western Poland
Izabella Rząd, Jilji Sitko, Dariusz Wysocki, Krzysztof Stępniewski
Original paper: pp 271-276
119 KB | Download
2011-57-4_277.pdf Occurrence of Argas reflexus (Fabricius, 1794) (Ixodida, Argasidae) in urban habitat of south-eastern Poland
Alicja Buczek, Katarzyna Bartosik
Short notes: pp 277-279
84 KB | Download
2011-57-4_281.pdf Prevalence of hydatidosis in pigs in the Lublin province (Poland) in the years 2005–2008
Jolanta Kozłowska-Łój, Katarzyna Bartosik, Agnieszka Łój-Maczulska
Short notes: pp 281-283
82 KB | Download
Aleksander Bielecki, Joanna M. Cichocka and co-authors
Letters: p. 285
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Instruction to Authors: pp 287-288
Ø |
Acknowledgements: p. 289
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Contents: Vol. 57
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Index of authors: Vol.57
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