2014 vol 60

From editorial Board: pp 2
Alien species of parasites in Poland (review articles): scientific consultation - Prof. dr hab. Teresa Pojmańska
Title of issue (a chapter with review articles): p 3
Alien species of parasites – some questions concerning terminology
Teresa Pojmańska, Katarzyna Niewiadomska
Review article: pp 5-17
Helminths in migrating and wintering birds recorded in Poland
Anna Okulewicz
Review article: pp 19-24
Migrations and the introduction of wild ruminants as a source of parasite exchange and emergence of new parasitoses
Aleksander W. Demiaszkiewicz
Review article: pp 25-30
Dirofilaria repens Railliet et Henry, 1911 – a new parasite acclimatized in Poland
Aleksander W. Demiaszkiewicz
Review article: pp 31-35
The occurrence of the Dermacentor reticulatus tick – its expansion to new areas and possible causes
Grzegorz Karbowiak
Review article: pp 37-47
A biological/medical review of alien tick species (Acari: Ixodida) accidentally transferred to Poland
Magdalena Nowak-Chmura
Review article: pp 49-59
Presence of blood-sucking mesostigmatic mites in rodents and birds kept in pet stores in the Cracow area, Poland
Jerzy Kowal, Paweł Nosal, Rafał Niedziółka, Sławomir Kornaś
Original paper: pp 61-64
Herbal formulations as feed additives in the course of rabbit subclinical coccidiosis
Paweł Nosal, Dorota Kowalska, Paweł Bielański, Jerzy Kowal, Sławomir Kornaś
Original paper: pp 65-69