2014 vol 60

From editorial Board: p 224
Parasites and fungi as a threat for prenatal and postnatal human development
Joanna Błaszkowska, Katarzyna Góralska
Review article: pp 225-234
Toxoplasma gondii and mast cells
Henryka Długońska
Review article: pp 235-238
Immunosuppression during Leishmania donovani infection: a potential target for the development of therapy
Rupinder Flora, Sanaz Aghazadeh-Dibavar, Mausumi Bandyopadhyay, Subhajit Dasgupta
Review article: pp 239-245
Epidemiology and economic benefits of treating rabbits coccidiosis in small farms from West Pomerania province, Poland
Aleksandra Balicka-Ramisz, Mirosław Wróbel, Karolina Adadyńska
Original paper: pp 247-251
Epizootic situation of mouflon Ovis aries musimon in Lower Silesia on the basis of coproscopic examinations
Ryszard Bartczak, Anna Okulewicz
Original paper: pp 253-258
Polymorphisms of the Pfatpase 6 and Pfcrt gene and their relationship with the in vitro susceptibility to dihydroartemisinin and chloroquine of Plasmodium falciparum isolates from Abobo, Côte d’Ivoire
Brice K. Bla, William Yavo, Jonhson Trébissou, Rolland G. Kipré, Félix H. Yapi, Jean D. N’guessan, Joseph A. Djaman
Original paper: pp 259-266
The prevalence of Ehrlichia canis, Anaplasma platys and Babesia spp. in dogs in Nueva Ecija, Philippines based on multiplex polymerase chain reaction (mPCR) assay
Joyce Marielle I. Corales, Victoria V. Viloria, Virginia M. Venturina, Claro N. Mingala
Original paper: pp 267-272
New data on the prevalence of Trichodectes melis (Phthiraptera, Trichodectidae) on the European badger Meles meles (Carnivora, Mustelidae)
Paulina Kozina, Aleksandra Gólcz, Joanna N. Izdebska
Original paper: pp 273-276
A new occurrence of Eimeria alces (Apicomplexa: Eimeridae) in elk (Alces alces) in East Poland
Izabela Kuligowska, Aleksander W. Demiaszkiewicz, Rafał Kowalczyk
Original paper: pp 277-279
Prevalence of intestinal parasites among the population of the Gaza Strip, Palestine
Nahla Mezeid, Fayez Shaldoum, Adnan I. Al-Hindi, Fatma S. A. Mohamed, Zakia E. A. Darwish
Original paper: pp 281-289
Toxoplasma gondii and women of reproductive age: an analysis of data from the Chair of Microbiology, Jagiellonian University Medical College in Cracow
Dominika Salamon, Małgorzata Bulanda
Original paper: pp 291-296
Evaluation of human cystic echinococcosis before and after surgery and chemotherapy by demonstration of antibodies in serum
Rajesh Kumar Tenguria, Mohd Irfan Naik
Original paper: pp 297-303
Gastrointestinal parasites of free-range chickens
Agnieszka Tomza-Marciniak, Bogumiła Pilarczyk, Berenika Tobiańska, Natalia Tarasewicz
Original paper: pp 305-308
Prevalence of cysticercosis in cattle and pigs in the Lublin province in the years 2009-2012
Jolanta Kozłowska-Łój, Agnieszka Łój-Maczulska
Short notes: pp 309-310
First report of hepatic cysticercosis in a rook (Corvus frugilegus) (Passerifomes, Corvidae)
Hossein Nourani, Hossein Abassi Dehkordi, Saeed Soltani, Mahdi Khosravi
Case reports: pp 311-313
Professor Maria Prost DVM, PhD (1921–2014)
Antonina Sopińska
Chronicle: pp 315-316

Professor Alojzy Ramisz – into memory of his life and work
Jan Udała, Bogumiła Pilarczyk
Chronicle: pp 317-319

Katarzyna Góralska
Letters: pp 321-322
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