2015 vol 61

From editorial Board: p 68
Canine leishmaniosis – an emerging disease
Ilona Kaszak, Marta Planellas, Bożena Dworecka-Kaszak
Review article: pp 69-76
Renicola lariNephromonorcha lari; which species name is correct?
Teresa Pojmańska, Katarzyna Niewiadomska
Review article: pp 77-78
The efficacy of oral ivermectin vs. sulfur 10% ointment for the treatment of scabies
Human Alipour, Mohamad Goldust
Original paper: pp 79-84
Species richness and diversity of the parasites of two predatory fish species – perch (Perca fluviatilis Linnaeus, 1758) and zander (Sander lucioperca Linnaeus, 1758) from the Pomeranian Bay
Iwona Bielat, Monika Legierko, Ewa Sobecka
Original paper: pp 85-92
Extension of occurrence area of the American fluke Fascioloides magna in south-western Poland
Aleksander W. Demiaszkiewicz, Izabela Kuligowska, Anna M. Pyziel, Jacek Lachowicz, Robert Kowalczyk
Original paper: pp 93-96
Effect of medicinal leeches’ antigens on the proliferative response of human blood mononuclear cells and cytokine production in vitro
Aleksandr K. Frolov, Raisa A. Litvinenko
Original paper: pp 97-104
Parasites of wild animals as a potential source of hazard to humans
Remigiusz Gałęcki, Rajmund Sokół, Sylwia Koziatek
Original paper: pp 105-108
The level of knowledge about parasitic diseases and the threats resulting from their presence in the environment evaluated in a group of parents of preschool children
Agnieszka Gniadek, Grażyna Cepuch, Katarzyna Ochender, Dominika Salamon
Original paper: pp 109-114
Internal parasites of reptiles
Małgorzata Raś-Noryńska, Rajmund Sokół
Original paper: pp 115-117
Occurrence of Hippobosca equina in Polish primitive horses during the grazing season
Rajmund Sokół, Mirosław M. Michalski
Original paper: pp 119-124
Apparent contact dermatitis caused by Ancylostoma caninum: a case report
Human Alipour, Mohamad Goldust
Case reports: pp 125-127
A rare case of primary renal hydatid cyst
Rashi Garg, Uma Nahar, A.K. Mandal
Case reports: pp 129-131