2005 vol 51

The title page and introduction to the abstract book: 1-7
Author's index: 69-70
ABSTRACTS - Conference "Neospora and Neosporosis: Achievement and Perspectives": 55
ABSTRACTS - Special Session "Reservoirs of protozoan abortifacients in livestock and wildlife": 47
ABSTRACTS - Working Group 4 "Epidemiology, risk assessments, economics and control": 37
ABSTRACTS - Working Group 3 "Diagnosis": 29
ABSTRACTS - Working Group 2 "Diagnosis": 19
ABSTRACTS - Working Group 1 "Biology, biochemistry and genetic backgroud of virulence": 11
Management Committee Members: 71-73
Life cycle and biology of Neospora caninum
J.P. Dubey
Abstract: 57-58
Reservoirs of Neospora caninum in domestic and wild animals
J. P. Dubey
Abstract: 49
Neospora caninum and environmental risk factors: use of Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing
Laura Rinaldi, Giuseppe Cringoli
Abstract: 39-41
Application of repeated bulk milk testing for identification of Neospora caninum infection in Thai dairy herds
Aran Chanlun, Ulf Emanuelson, Suthida Chanlun, Suneerat Aiumlamai, Camilla Björkman
Abstract: 31
Eosinophilic myositis due to sarcocystosis in a herd of beef cattle
Willem Wouda, Jan H. Vos, Joost J. Snoep, Rannie D. Sumter
Abstract: 21
NcGRA2 can be used to discriminate between an acute and chronic Neospora caninum infection
Eva U. Pettersson, Camilla Björkman, Jens G. Mattsson
Abstract: 13
Neospora and neosporosis: achievement and perspectives in host and parasite cell biology
Andrew Hemphill, Bruno Gottstein
Abstract: 59-60
Detection of antibodies to Neospora caninum in the blood of European bison (Bison bonasus bonasus L.)
Władysław Cabaj, Bożena Moskwa, Katarzyna Pastusiak, Justyna Bień
Abstract: 50
The use of Limousin bull semen reduced the risk of abortion in Neospora seropositive dairy cows
Irina García-Ispierto, Fernando López-Gátius, Pilar Santolaria, Jesús Yániz, Carmina Nogareda, Marcela Pabón, Manel López-Béjar, Sonia Almería
Abstract: 42-43
Detection of Neospora caninum in the semen and blood during acute and chronic experimental neosporosis in bulls
Ignacio Ferre, Antonio Martínez, Enrique Serrano, Koldo Osoro, Aranzazu Mateos-Sanz, Carolina Tamargo, Carlos O. Hidalgo, Itziar del-Pozo, Gorka Aduriz, Luis Miguel Ortega-Mora
Abstract: 32
Intrauterine Neospora caninum inoculation using contaminated semen with different numbers of tachyzoites
Enrique Serrano, Ignacio Ferre, Koldo Osoro, Gorka Aduriz, Rinaldo A. Mota, Antonio Martínez, Raquel Atxaerandio, Carlos O. Hidalgo, Luis Miguel Ortega-Mora
Abstract: 22
Purification and molecular characterization of the pellicle and plasmalemma of Neospora caninum
Ying Lei, Debra Birch, Mary Davey, John T. Ellis
Abstract: 14
Bovine neosporosis; pathogenesis of abortion and immunity
David Buxton, Willem Wouda, J. P Dubey
Abstract: 61-62
PCR detection of Neospora caninum, Toxoplasma gondii and Encephalitozooon cuniculi in brains of wildlife carnivores in the Czech Republic
Lada Hůrková, David Modrý
Abstract: 51
Is the immune response to Neospora caninum incompatible with pregnancy in cattle?
A. Rosbottom, R.F. Smith, A. Kipar, C.S. Guy, H. Gibney, P. Kaiser, D.R.J. Bainbridge, J.F. Valarcher, G. Taylor, A.J. Trees, D.J.L. Williams
Abstract: 44
ELISA and Western Blot: two useful tools in the diagnosis of Besnoitia besnoiti infection
Helder Cortes, Sandra Nuñes, Yara Reis, Rui Vidal, Heins Sager, Alexandre Leitã, Bruno Gottstein
Abstract: 33
Neospora caninum cyclophilin elicits interferon-gamma production
Wenbin Tuo, Raymond Fetterer, Mark Jenkins and J.P. Dubey
Abstract: 23
Toxoplasmosis in sheep; the possibility of endogenous transplacental transmission
Susan M. Rodger, Stephen W. Maley, Steve E. Wright, Annie Mackellar, Jill Sales, David Buxton
Abstract: 15-18
Neospora and neosporosis: achievement and perspectives in diagnosis
Luis Miguel Ortega-Mora, M. Gómez-Bautista, A. Fernández-García
Abstract: 63
Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in domestic pigs and wild boars from different district of Poland
Justyna Bień, Bożena Moskwa, Katarzyna Pastusiak, Władysław Cabaj
Abstract: 52-53
Infection risk from dog feces in Switzerland: Neospora caninum and other intestinal apicomplexan parasites
Heinz Sager, Christine Steiner Moret, Norbert Müller, Daniela Staubli, Marco Esposito, Gereon Schares, Michael Hässig, Katharina Stärk, Bruno Gottstein
Abstract: 45
Toxoplasma gondii in sheep in Palermo province, Sicily, Italy
G. Vesco, V. Currò, G. Mancuso, F. Liga, V. Pagano, W. Buffolano, S. Caracappa, E. Petersen
Abstract: 34
Dynamics of lymphocyte subpopulations in Neospora chronically infected cows throughout pregnancy
C. Adelantado, N. Mach, C. Nogareda, M. Pabón, I. García-Ispierto, F. López-Gatius, S. lmeria
Abstract: 24
Neospora and neosporosis: achievement and perspectives in epidemiology, economics and control
Franz J. Conraths, Gereon Schares
Abstract: 64
Neosporosis and toxoplasmosis in South American Camelids from Peru
E. Serrano-Martínez, A. Chávez-Velásquez, E. Collantes-Fernández, G. Álvarez-García, E. Casas-Astos, R. Rosadio-Alcántara, V. Risco-Castillo, L.M. Ortega-Mora
Abstract: 46
Current state of diagnosis of Neospora caninum infection in cattle in Israel
V. Shkap, L. Fish, T. Molad, I. Savitsky, B. Leibovitz, Y. Krigel, M. Mazuz
Abstract: 49
Use of a simplified method to determine the avidity of an IgG antibody response against the p38 antigen of Neospora caninum in cattle
Gereon Schares, Christoph Staubach, Camilla Björkman, Franz Josef Conraths
Abstract: 25
Current studies on neosporosis in Poland
Bożena Moskwa, Władysław Cabaj, Katarzyna Pastusiak, Justyna Bień
Abstract: 65-67
Characterization of the immune response generated in the placenta of cattle experimentally infected with Neospora caninum in early gestation
Stephen Maley, David Buxton, Colin Macaldowie, Ian Anderson, Stephen Wright, Paul Bartley, Irma Esteban-Redondo, Clare Hamilton, Anne Storset, Elisabeth Innes
Abstract: 26
Isolation, identification and maintenance in cell culture of the first Polish isolate of Neospora caninum
Katarzyna Pastusiak, Władysław Cabaj, Bożena Moskwa
Abstract: 68
Infertility is a late consequence of Besnoitia besnoiti infection
Helder Cortes, João Chagas e Silva, Maria C. Baptista, Rosa M. Pereira, Alexandre Leitão, António E.M. Horta, Irene Vasques, João P. Barbas, Carla C. Marques
Abstract: 27